BS in Sports Management

Bachelor of Science in Sports Management - Min. 120 Hours

General Education Requirements: 31.5-32 hours

Tier Two Requirements: 21-22 hours
*Students must complete EC101, EC201, or EC202; CT201; BU225; CS214 while completing the general education and tier two credit hours.

Sports Management Major 50 Hours

AC201 Accounting Principles I (3)
BU110 Introduction to Business (3)
BU341 Business Law Contracts (3)
MG356 Human Resource Management (3)
ET375 Small Business Management (3)
MK330 Marketing (3)
MK/SPM303 Sports Marketing and Events (3)
SPM101 Introduction to Sports Management (2)
SPM201 Sports Management Pre-Internship (1)
SPM345 Law for Recreation and Sports Managers (3)
SPM480 Sports Management Capstone (3)
SPM301 Sports Management Post-Internship (2)
EX203 Introduction to Exercise Science (2)
PE212 First Aid/Community CPR (2)
PE221 Psychology and Sociological Aspects of Physical Education (3)
PE323 First Aid, Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)
SPM321 Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletic Programs K-12 (3)

Min. 5 hrs. of the following:

PESW101 Swimming (1)
EX331 Advanced Exercise (3)
IB 376 International Business (3)
FB351 Business Finance (3)
MK235 Consumer Behavior (3)
MK339 Sales Management (3)
CT230 Mass Media (3)
CT280 Public Relations Events (3)

Electives to Complete Min. 120 Hours


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