The Division of Social Sciences offers a bachelor's degree program in Psychology which is designed to assist students in gaining an understanding of the science of human behavior and mental processes. Students will become familiar with the most important contemporary research finding in the fields of learning, personality, counseling, psychophysiology, social processes, abnormal Psychology, and human development. The Psychology major is often used as a foundation for professional training in counseling, law, the ministry, or graduate study in Psychology.

The Psychology major has the option of graduating with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. The requirements of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provide a broad liberal arts exposure to the discipline, thereby preparing students for a broad range of careers in business management and public service. The requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology include a stronger emphasis on the development of analytic skills and thus may be of special interest to students planning to pursue advanced degrees in the field. As a requirement for graduation, all Psychology majors must sit for a nationally normed exit examination in the Senior year.

Psychology Program Outcomes

The demonstration of knowledge

  • A specific student-outcome goal for the CMU psychology program includes the demonstration of knowledge regarding the general principles of psychology, the major theoretical frameworks, and the process of designing and conducting empirical research.

The application of competencies

  • The application of these competencies to the continuous development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The effective communication of understanding.

  • The effective communication of understanding through written and oral expression.
Majors and Minors

Major Minor

BA or BS in Psychology AA in Psychology Psychology Minor

PY101 - General Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY190 - Special Topics - 3 Semester Hours

PY204 - Experimental Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY210 - Educational Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY211 - Psychology of Personal Adjustment - 3 Semester Hours

PY223 - Developmental Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY238 - Applied Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY260 - Special Problems - 3 Semester Hours

PY268 - Internship and Field Experiences - 3 Semester Hours

PY290 - Special Topics - 3 Semester Hours

PY301 - Abnormal Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY308 - Personality - 3 Semester Hours

PY321 - Family Relationships and Values - 3 Semester Hours

PY324 - Social Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY331 - Research Design and Data Analysis in the Social Sciences - 3 Semester Hours

PY332 - Cognitive Processes and Applications - 3 Semester Hours

PY334 - Applied Quantitative Data Analysis in the Social Sciences - 3 Semester Hours

PY342 - Psychology of the Exceptional Child - 2 Semester Hours

PY343 - Psychology of the Exceptional Child Practicum - 1 Semester Hours

PY345 - Learning - 3 Semester Hours

PY346 - Sensation and Perception - 3 Semester Hours

PY348 - Health Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY349 - Biological Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY351 - Introduction to Counseling - 3 Semester Hours

PY352 - Group Processes - 3 Semester Hours

PY353 - Industrial/Organizational Psychology - 3 Semester Hours

PY360 - Special Problems - 3 Semester Hours

PY360 - Internship and Field Experiences - 3 Semester Hours

PY390 - Special Topics - 3 Semester Hours

PY480 - Senior Thesis - 3 Semester Hours

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