Writing and Publication Minor

Writing and Publication Minor (18 hours) 

Required Courses (9 credits) 
EN216 Creative Writing 
CT217 Journalism  
EN305/EN306/EN350 (whichever was not taken for Tier I credit) 
Three courses from the following (9 credits) 
*Note: CT217 and EN350 may be taken a second time for credit in this area* 
EN211 Grammar for Educators 
CT217 Journalism  
EN268/368 Internship 
EN312 English Language & Linguistics 
EN350 Topics in Writing  
EN360 Independent Study 
EN320 Inscape: Journal Editing & Publication 
EN420 Inscape: Advance Journal Editing & Publication 
EN409 Writing Practicum 
Last updated: 07/06/2021