Occupational Therapy Assistant

At Central Methodist University we offer a Post-Professional Bachelor of Science in OTA Degree for practicing COTA’s.  

The Post-Professional Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant studies is designed for experienced occupational therapy assistants who are licensed and credentialed. This is not an entry-level program.  Accreditation for this degree is governed through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  

The dynamic nature of contemporary health and human services delivery systems requires the occupational therapy assistant to possess basic skills as a direct care provider, educator, manager, leader, and advocate for the profession and the consumer. These characteristics and skills align with Central Methodist Universities Learning Principles: Communication, Curiosity, and Community.     

This degree is designed to expand the experienced OTA’s skillset for important leadership roles in health care, academia, and advocacy for professional and community organizations. Currently this is the only post-professional OTA-B level program in Missouri.     

OTA Program Outcomes

Course sequences evolve from introductory material to higher levels of content requiring critical thinking and problem solving capability on the part of the student. Progression through the program requires that students incorporate aspects from all courses in the format of an integrated lab. The integrated lab will be used as an assessment of student knowledge progression.

Upon successful of the OTA program the OTA graduate will:

  • Demonstrate qualities of leadership and social responsibility. These qualities will be apparent within the occupational therapy field, professional settings, and within community.
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving to the provision of occupational therapy services evidenced by successful completion of fieldwork practicums.
  • Incorporate the principles of communication, advocacy and healthcare education into practice.
  • Exhibit commitment to individual and professional growth as a lifelong learner.
  • Demonstrate collaboration with other healthcare providers to promote the full human potential.
Course Progression  

In order to complete the curriculum, students must complete 17 credit hours of OTA Core Coursework and a minimum of 30 credit hours of 300+ level coursework. Students must complete a total of 120-credit hours to earn their Bachelor’s degree, inclusive of the hours completed for the OTA associate’s degree.  

The number of credits per semester is not mandatory however it is strongly suggested that students enroll full-time – students may take one course a semester throughout the program or vary the sequence, taking two courses in some semesters and one course in another. The OTAB project courses should be taken in sequence with no breaks.  Your track and sequence should be discussed with your advisor who will be appointed upon admission to the program.  

Majors and Minors

Major Minor

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant
Last updated: 11/05/2020