Master of Music Education

Master of Music Education – 31 hours

Music Education Core – 16 hours

MU531 Introduction to Research in Music Education (3)

Two from the following list:

MU542 Woodwind and Brass Pedagogy (2)
MU545 Percussion Pedagogy (2)
MU547 Vocal I Pedagogy (2)
MU549 Vocal II Pedagogy (2)

MU560 Rehearsal Techniques (Choral or Instrumental) (3)

MU570 Organization and Administration of the School Music Program (3)

MU599 Master’s Report (3)

Music Core - 12 Hours

MU507 Graduate Music Theory (3)

MU514 A/B Advanced Conducting (Choral or Instrumental) (3)

MU521 Graduate Music History (3)

MU557 A/B Literature Analysis (Choral or Instrumental) (3)

Contemporary Issues in Music Education - 3 hours

MU580 Current Issues (3)

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