Bachelor of Applied Science in Management

This degree program is designed for and available only to students who transfer to Central Methodist University with an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

(1) Students with an AS or AAS in Management or a closely related cognate field should consult the Bachelor of Science programs in Business which will serve as their degree completion program.

(2) Students who have taken AAS technical courses in some AAS field but have not completed the AAS degree will be evaluated for this and other degree completion programs on an individual basis.

This degree program requires at least 30 hours of upper-division coursework.

General Education Requirements: 29.5-33 hours

Additional General Education Requirements: 21-24 hours
*Students must complete EN306; EC202 or EC201; MA105; BU225; PL306; EC314 while completing the general education and additional gen. ed. requirements. 

Applied Science Concentration (18 or more Hours):
Technical courses transferred from the AAS field of concentration, no more than 88 hours may count toward the degree.

Applied Science in Management Major Requirements (30 Hours)
AC201 Accounting Principles I (3)
AC202 Accounting Principles II (3)
BU341 Business Law Contracts or BU342 Commercial (3)
EC201 Macroeconomics or EC202 Microeconomics (whichever is not taken as gen. ed.) (3)
MG354 Principles of Management (3)
MG356 Human Resources Management (3)
MG477 Production & Operation Mgmt (3)
BU480 Senior Capstone in Business (Capstone) (3)
BU/CS/AC/EC Electives (6)

Electives to complete min. 120 hours

Last updated: 05/14/2020