BS in Health Care Administration

General Education Requirements: 31.5-32 hours
*must take PY101 or SO101

Tier Two Requirements: 21-24 hours
*Required: EC101 or EC202; BU225; AH316
*PL306 preferred; CT320 suggested

Health Care Administration Major: 45 hours

AC201 Principles of Accounting I (3)
AC202 Principles of Accounting II (3)
BU468 Internship and Field Experiences (3)
BU480 Strategic Planning and Decision Making (3)
MG354 Principles of Management (3)
MK330 Marketing (3)

Health Science             
AH212 Medical Terminology (3)
HS110 Concepts in Health Care Management (3)
HS304 Health Care Law (3)
HS314 Insurance, Coding, and Billing in Health Care (3)
HS400 Health Care Informatics (3)
HS420 Case Studies in Managerial Integrity (3)
HS430 Current Issues in Professional Practice (3)

Electives (select 2)       
AC313 Fraud Examination (3)
AC/MG370 Information Systems (3)
ET375 Small Business Management (3)
FB345 Investment Analysis (3)
FB351 Business Finance (3)
MG356 Human Resource Management (3)
MK339 Sales Management (3)
MK366 Advertising (3)



Last updated: 12/12/2019