Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis - min 120 hours

General Education Requirements: 31.5-32 hours

Tier Two Requirements: 21-24 hours 
*must include PL306 or PL310; PY223; and PY331

Applied Behavior Analysis Major (42 Hours)

Prerequisite Courses:
ED103 Child Development (2)
ED375 Autism Spect. Disorders (3)
ED378 ABA for Educators (3)

Pick 2 ABA Electives:
BH323 Behavioral Pharmacology (3)
BH422 Verbal Behavioral Analysis (3)
BH424 ABA Methodologies (3)
BH425 Advanced Topics in ABA (3)

Approved Course Sequence:
BH321 Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
BH325 Professionalism in ABA (2)
BH421 Behavior Assessment (3)
BH423 Behavior Change Procedures (4)
BH426 Res. & Data Analysis Methods (2)     
BH427 Leadership & Management in ABA (1)

ABA Practicum:
BH380 ABA Intensive Practicum I (6)
BH385 ABA Intensive Practicum II (1)
BH480 ABA Intensive Practicum III (Capstone) (6)

Minor and Electives (To Complete Min. 120 Hours) The division suggests elective coursework that will support the student’s career plans (e.g., coursework in Physiology, Sociology, Business, Foreign Language, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Physical Education, or Special Education). 

Last updated: 10/17/2019